Initially I create a app in which I use react native as a front end and laravel as a back end so my basic login system was like that , User enter email and password then I compare that email and password from my back end database which is mysql and after success user redirect to home screen in app.SO for that I used different method like axios or fetch .So now I want to add a new feature that is login with facebook with firebase. So I read documentation for that which works nicely but I have a lot of doubts in the flow of my project. 1-When user login with facebook how should I manage that user in laravel back end so that when ever user login with facebook his email and basic details should also store in `mysql database. 2-how do I manage both users either they logged in by providing credentials like email and password or logged in with facebook link . 3-When a new user click on facebook link I need him to enter extra details like address how should I manage that one?

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