How do I convert a cv::Mat of type CV_32FC1 to the type CV_64FC1 (equivalent to a change from float to double)?

I am opening a Matrix that was saved as XML (cvSave) but as a float. This means that the field <dt> has the value f in the file. I need to change it to d to open it. But I'd rather not do this, instead I'd like to open it directly as a Matrix with elements of type double, or convert it later from float to double.

Below is my code for opening the file.

/** Load cv::Mat from XML file. 
cv::Mat loadMat(const std::string filename)
    cv::Mat result;
    cv::FileStorage fs(filename, cv::FileStorage::READ);
    fs.getFirstTopLevelNode() >> result;
    return result;

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Okay, I'm a dimwit. Here is how it goes:

There is the function convertTo that does exactly what I want.

Thanks for matrix type conversion in opencv for pointing this out.

Here is how I do it:

cv::Mat A = loadMat("mymat.xml"); // See function loadMat in the question!
A.convertTo(A, CV_64F);
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    Also, if you're converting from something like 16U to 8U, you need to add a scaling factor as a third parameter. A.convertTo(A, CV_8UC1, 255.0/65536.0); Commented Nov 20, 2016 at 2:10
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    (Dimwitticism or not, your question-and-answer allowed me to find the keyword convertTo. It's hard to look something up in the doc without knowing its name!) Note that this example A.convertTo(A, CV_64F) is ambiguous about the direction of the conversion when it is not doing convertion in-place. It is, in fact, source.convertTo(destination, new_type, ...). This is completely in keeping with OpenCV style, but I missed that, had it backwards, and spent a while trying to understand my mistake. Commented Mar 30, 2020 at 20:41

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