I'm trying to get data for all Instagram posts in which the business page was tagged. The response is a set of 25 paginated objects. Each object has several pages (the endpoint to the next page is in the 'next' key). Able to retrieve data (all pages) for the first 2 objects. After that I get: {'error': {'message': 'An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later.', 'type': 'OAuthException', 'is_transient': True, 'code': 2, 'fbtrace_id': 'AVCL6iRv2sQ80t87zS0Nysa'}}

I don't think I'm exceeding any rate limits

import requests
from pprint import pprint
import pandas as pd

#update this with the latest access token
temp_access_token = "[REDACTED]"

#replaced client_secret and client_id with xxxx
long_lived_access_token = requests.get("https://graph.facebook.com/v11.0/oauth/access_token?grant_type=fb_exchange_token&client_id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&client_secret=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&fb_exchange_token="+temp_access_token)

long_lived_access_token = long_lived_access_token.json()['access_token']

#replaced business account id with xxxx
response = requests.get("https://graph.facebook.com/v11.0/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?fields=instagram_business_accounts%7Btags%7Bid%2Ccaption%2Ccomments_count%2Clike_count%2Ctimestamp%2Cusername%2Cmedia_product_type%2Cowner%2Cmedia_type%2Cpermalink%7D%7D&access_token="+long_lived_access_token)

response_obj = response.json()

response_obj = response_obj['instagram_business_accounts']['data']

data_list = []
for idx, obj in enumerate(response_obj):
    if obj['tags']['paging']['next']:
        temp_obj = requests.get(obj['tags']['paging']['next']).json()
        while True:
            if 'paging' not in temp_obj:
            temp_obj = requests.get(temp_obj['paging']['next']).json()

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