i have some JSON data from server and i want to make java beans out of it. can anybody help?

                            "data_number":<data NUMBER>,
                             "bill_number":"<BILLING  NUMBER>"
                             "data_date":"<data DATE>",
                             "due_date":"<DUE DATE>",

                           "amount_exchanged":"<AMOUNT EXCHANGED>"
                           "amount_deducted":"<AMOUNT  DEDUCTED>",
                           "total_amount":"TOTAL AMOUNT>",
                           "total_discounts":"<TOTAL_ DISCOUNTS>",
                            "adjusted_amount":"<ADJUSTED AMOUNT>",
  • that does not look like valid json btw. arrays can not contain properties as far as I know. – rompetroll Aug 2 '11 at 12:30

You can use JSONObject to parse your json string and to populate java beans if you want that (or you could work directly with JSONObject.

It is a bit verbose, but it's built in in android.

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Try Gson, it works better than JSONObject library.

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