I want to add a new servlet filter in the JHipster chain. It is one that needs to execute after a JWT has been deemed valid. Basically I want this new filter to check a "balance" repository for the current user and to return a HTTP 402 code if the balance is insufficient.

I had thought of adding it after the UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter(which comes after the JWTFilter) via a BalanceConfigurer

    public BalanceConfigurer() {


    public void configure(HttpSecurity http) {
        BalanceFilter balanceFilter = new BalanceFilter();
        http.addFilterAfter(balanceFilter, UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter.class);

does that seem correct ?

  • If im not mistaken filters are fixed to always return 401 on an error ? Might a better idea to be to create an Aspect and attach it to the relevant controllers.. have it check the balance before the method .. throw a InsufficentBalanceException when it makes sense and then catch this in the 'after' of the aspect and transate to a Http 402 code ?
    – 1977
    Sep 8 at 19:17
  • 1
    Given that you want to execute code after JWT authentication and before controller, have you considered using a HandlerInterceptor? It's like an Aspect but simpler. See baeldung.com/spring-mvc-handlerinterceptor-vs-filter Sep 10 at 5:56
  • yes.. thats actually what I ended up doing much simpler.. github.com/walshe/bolt11-lightning-monitized-api-/blob/master/…
    – 1977
    Sep 10 at 14:14

It was much easier to add a BalanceInterceptor - an impl of org.springframework.web.servlet.HandlerInterceptor which also allowed me to figure out the actual api that was being invoked (which I couldn't do with an aspect on the controller )

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