I am currently working on an applications which uses Facebook and Instagram APIs and using Java as a backend but i find it a bit difficult since none of the API are directly made for Java. Which backend would you guys suggest for working with such APIs or should I just proceed with Java like now? Your opinions and experiences are much appreciated

  • the point about opinions is that they're out of scope for SO. how can we have an opinion about this, if it also depends on the infrastructure you have, which we know nothing about?
    – Stultuske
    Sep 9 at 7:36
  • Well i am just starting off and dont have any base infrastructure in place. Im looking to use PostgreSQL as a database so that is the only thing i can mention as far as leads go. Just looking on insights as to which backend would you go with if you are looking to build a sort of dashboard using those APIs Sep 9 at 7:40
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    "since none of the API are directly made for Java" - the API is not "made for" any specific programming language - it is simply based on HTTP, so anything "speaking HTTP" can use it. There are SDKs available for several languages though (a handful official ones directly from Facebook, others by 3rd-party providers.)
    – CBroe
    Sep 9 at 7:44
  • In your case I would suggest to take a look at the facebook api documentation and discover what kind of libraries facebook provides for working with their api.For instance, there is the java library for the business api - developers.facebook.com/docs/business-sdk/getting-started#java - the library would probably make your work with the api easier Sep 9 at 7:47
  • Perfect. Thank you so much for your insights and i apologize for my lack of expertise in the area. Just learning the ropes right now. Sep 9 at 7:53