I've implemented the conversions api to send website events and recently have started on the CRM integration process to Hubspot as well. I followed the guides on their site to include the custom properties and the information is being received correctly as seen through my test events. However even after a the 7 days (and more, probably almost 2 weeks) I'm still receiving a warning about incomplete integration with our CRM.

I think the issue falls somewhere in the actual connection to the CRM as I don't see any connection between the conversion API and our CRM other than adding the name into the custom properties of the events we send.

Is there somewhere I need to configure the connection to our specific CRM that is missing?

Thank you,

  • You might want to post this question on the respective platform's support forum. Anyway, do have a look at the implementation of the Access Token which you get from Facebook's Event Management dashboard which connects the 3rd party platform with the Conversion API.
    – Rahul
    Sep 9 at 18:21

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