want to execute first condition and then a second condition for the same parameter field.

for example:

From XYZ
Where A = case @p1 when 'All' then A else @p1 end;
      A = case when @p2 when 'Current' then @p1 else 'old'+ p@1

What I'm trying to do is get the value from the first parameter. Either it is one value or all of the values in that column. So, if I select 'All', all of the values in that column will be used for the second condition where if I select 'Current' as a value. It will keep the select value/values else it will add the word 'old' in front of the value.

I hope I make sense as I am really a beginner.

Any help is appreciated.


In general for such cases you need to use qualified OR.

Assuming l is boolean flag that differentiate between 2 different logical conditions (boolean expressions), then you will have:

WHERE l AND (Condition1) OR NOT l AND (Condition2) 

This way you do not need CASE or equivalent.

  • Would you please give an example of how the code would look like?
    – Tony
    Sep 10 at 15:33
  • I believe this is exactly what my answer provided.
    – PM 77-1
    Sep 10 at 21:38

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