I am using an AWS webserver, which is being polled by some other script. The problem is that when I start the server twice in a few seconds (with requests of a client in between), the server fails to start again, saying:

raised AWS.NET.SOCKET_ERROR : Bind : [98] Address already in use

There is this old thread that suggests there may be a reuse_address option, either in a ini file or as a direct parameter, but says that that also does not work.

Perhaps there is some way to force the OS to abandon the socket?

  • I assume you need to call AWS.Config.Set.Reuse_Address (Config, True);, but then again, I don't use AWS yet and I'm only scanning the sources.
    – Bib
    Sep 11 at 18:09
  • 1
    Perhaps there is some way to force the OS to abandon the socket? Yes, but it depends on the OS, for example.
    – trashgod
    Sep 12 at 4:31
  • @Bib You were right, that works! Please post it as answer, I can edit it to add the details and complete code. Sep 12 at 8:26

You need to call AWS.Config.Set.Reuse_Address (Config, True); or set it in the AWS ini file.

For example:

with AWS.Config;
with AWS.Config.Set;
   HTTP_Server : AWS.Server.HTTP;
   AWS_Config      : AWS.Config.Object := AWS.Config.Default_Config;
   AWS.Config.Set.Reuse_Address (AWS_Config, True);
   AWS.Config.Set.Server_Port (AWS_Config, 80);
   AWS.Server.Start (HTTP_Server, Callback => Respond'Unrestricted_Access, Config => AWS_Config);

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