if I have a vector of vectors called AA, and I would like to add a vector on AA how can I achieve that? like I would like to put [1] to [[2],[2,3]] and get [[1],[2],[2,3]]. What if I would like to return [[]] in Ada. I tried to achieve that when the array is [], then I return [[]].

the code for Ada I have is

package A is new Ada.Containers.Vectors(Natural, Integer);
subtype Vector is A.Vector;
use all type Vector;
package AA is new Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Vectors (Natural, Vector);
subtype Indefinite_Vector is AA.Vector;
use all type Indefinite_Vector;

I want to use these type to operate. Because I want to translate a code in Python Like this:

def test(b,c):
    if b == []:
       return [[]]
       return c

d = test(b,c)
print (c)
print (d)

The result is [[1]],[[1]]

  • Your Python won’t do what you say: the first element of c should be b, not the first element of b. And what about c’s previous contents? I think you should try posting some code that tries to do what you want, rather than code which just sets up the environment. Sep 10 at 19:13
  • Thank you for your advise :)
    – wang kom
    Sep 10 at 20:22
  • Do you want to solve the problem you state at the start of this post? or do you want to translate the weird code at the bottom? because they are not the same. Also, when I said you should try posting some code, I meant Ada code Sep 11 at 13:31

You should become familiar with Annex A, which describes Ada's standard libraries, specifically for this case A.18, which describes the standard container library, and particularly A.18.2, which describes Ada.Containers.Vectors. I suspect you're looking for procedure Insert, which allows you to add a new element to a vector in a specific location.

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