I'm trying to take the JSON output from Facebook Messages and output certain elements to a TXT file in chronological order. Facebook outputs in Reverse Chronological Order.

I would like to output the Date, Sender and Content each to a line.

I have this code, but it's throwing this error: KeyError: 'message'

import json
import datetime

with open("message_1.json") as file:
    data = json.load(file)

dataarray = []

for doc in data['message']:
    epochdatetime = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(doc['timestamp_ms'])
    linetowrite = epochdatetime + ' ' + doc['sender_name'] + ': ' + doc['content'] + '/r/n'

i = len(data) - 1

openfile = open('messages.txt','w')

while i >= 0 :
    i -= 1


This is one sample element from the JSON file. Having trouble with Nested JSON.

    "participants": [
        "name": "Person 1"
        "name": "Person 2"
    "messages": [
          "sender_name": "Person 2",
          "timestamp_ms": 1631383988779,
          "content": "Hi, how are you?",
          "type": "Generic",
          "is_unsent": false

How about this:

import json
import datetime

with open('message_1.json', 'r') as input_stream, open('messages.txt', 'w+') as output_stream:
    json_data = json.load(input_stream)

    messages = map(lambda x: f'{datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(x.get("timestamp_ms") / 1000)} '  # ms to s
                             f'{x.get("sender_name")}: {x.get("content")}\n', 

    for line in reversed(list(messages)):

Output with the provided JSON sample

2021-09-11 20:13:08.779000 Person 2: Hi, how are you?

Keep in mind that maybe you want to set another tz or a date format for your output date field. More info on datetime module here

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