Let’s say I have this:

main = do
        void (forkIO (forever $ (threadDelay 10000) >> callCommand "hwclock --systohc"))
        let loop = do 
                     mytime <- getCurrentTime
                     if (mytime > (fromJust(parseISO8601 “2021-12-10T13:10:09+0000”))) then (print “hello”) else ((threadDelay 100) >> loop)

Is there any serious issue that can happen here relating to the time potentially being synced at the same time as when I request the time with getCurrentTime?

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    I'd guess any modern OS should guarantee that setting and getting the time is an atomic operation. You should read either the time value before it's set, or the one right after. Other than that, what serious issues are you thinking of?
    – chi
    Sep 13 at 6:50
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    This is a question about the OS rather than Haskell. I'm inclined to say that it is off-topic here, or at least should have the right tags. Sep 13 at 8:22
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    On linux you can even concurrently read and write form the same file, without any serious issue. IIRC, atomicity on file read/writes is only guaranteed in a weak way, but it does not matter here. I'd be very surprised if reading/writing a few bytes for the clock were not atomic, since by comparison it's a much simpler problem than handling files.
    – chi
    Sep 13 at 11:17
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    If the hardware clock is so unreliable that you need to sync it every 10 seconds, I would consider just resyncing prior to every call to getCurrentTime rather than periodically, or having a separate service handle updating it. There's also the issue of polling the system time every 100ms rather than using an alarm signal.
    – chepner
    Sep 13 at 13:25
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    @chepner threadDelay expects microseconds, so it's much worse than that. Still, I hope the code above is just a MCVE to explain the issue, not actual "production" code.
    – chi
    Sep 13 at 14:45

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