I was trying to scrape all the community posts from 2016 onwards on a Facebook brand community page like this using Selenium and BeautifulSoup. I would like to use this data for a research project and I intend on deidentifying the data and deleting any identifiable data subsequently.

After scraping between 300-500 posts, the rest of the posts load extremely slowly or don't even load sometimes. This is probably because of the data rate limits set by Facebook for individual users.

I would like to know how I can overcome this issue. When I reach such a limit, can I wait for x minutes before which I can continue again? Is there some parameter I can set to avoid hitting a rate limit? Any suggestions would be very helpful, thanks!

  • Scraping is not allowed to begin with. (Unless you had Facebook's explicit prior written consent, which I rather doubt here.)
    – CBroe
    Sep 13 at 7:13
  • Thanks for letting me know, I wasn't aware. There seems to be published research that has scraped Facebook data though. Is there a procedure to follow to obtain written consent? An email address or application form?
    – PSK
    Sep 13 at 7:42
  • 1
    They provide some data for research purposes under research.fb.com/data, maybe you find how to apply for access to specific data as well there somewhere.
    – CBroe
    Sep 13 at 7:46

This problem is absolutely from your PC/Laptop specifications, I was developing an Instagram bot that scrolls on an famous person's followers to get their usernames to interact later with them, but then I realized that sometimes it is very slow, and sometimes not to get usernames, like most of times it gets 1 username every 3 seconds, but sometimes 5 usernames a second, then I got that if I switch my battery power mode (Battery saver, Better battery, Better performance, Best performance) selenium goes slower and faster, I do not know if there is something similar in MacOS but try it if there is something like that, of course your PC or Laptop would not continue for ever and will start being slow at some place.

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