I'm trying to disable the ShortCut of an Action, but as far as I understand, the IDE that I'm using is using Objective Pascal.

Like in this link, I need to attain an integer value for any key.

My question is, how can I disable a shortcut?

Should I do it like TAction.ShortCut := 0;?

When I try this, the ShortCut is not working, but I'm wondering if I am attaining other key for shortcut in unintentionally?

  • No, ShortCut := 0 is correct. It disables the shortcut. Sep 13 at 7:20
  • If you want to learn about how to create shortcuts in Delphi I suggest you read Representing Keys and Shortcuts. This part of Delphi documentation deeply covers the way how to create the needed ShortCut values in code. Unlike in older Delphi versions where documentation was a bit lacking in this area as it was stated in the linked article fortunately this is no longer true for modern Delphi versions whose documentation has seen significant improvements in this area. Sep 14 at 8:05
  • Note that most of the things that are written in the Delphi documentation that I liked can also be used in other Object Pascal platforms like FreePascal/Lazarus since this is standard Windows functionality and therefore is handled the sam way not only in Object Pascal but also other programming languages. Sep 14 at 8:09

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