I am having an issue while programming in NASM. I am learning how to develop an OS purely in assembly and have started by creating a boot loader.

When I try to convert the print function to the print.asm file, it encounters an error that prints two characters at a time.

File: bootloader.asm

[BITS 16]
[ORG 0x7c00]

mov al, 65
call print_char

%include "print.asm"

jmp $

times 512-($-$$) db 0

dw 0xaa55

File: print.asm

mov ah, 0x0e
mov bh, 0x00
mov bl, 0x07
int 0x10

qemu: enter image description here

Thank you all for the support! English is not my native language, please ignore the grammar errors!

  • %include the file so it does not land in the place that instruction pointer will just fall through. One letter is from the call the other one is just continuation of the execution of the instructions that %include puts where you use the directive. Sep 14 at 17:54

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