In the Symfony2 documentation it gives the simple example of:

$client->request('POST', '/submit', array('name' => 'Fabien'), array('photo' => '/path/to/photo'));

To simulate a file upload.

However in all my tests I am getting nothing in the $request object in the app and nothing in the $_FILES array.

Here is a simple WebTestCase which is failing. It is self contained and tests the request that the $client constructs based on the parameters you pass in. It's not testing the app.

class UploadTest extends WebTestCase {

    public function testNewPhotos() {
        $client = $this->createClient();
            array('name' => 'Fabien'), 
            array('photo' => __FILE__)

        $this->assertEquals(1, count($client->getRequest()->files->all()));

Just to be clear. This is not a question about how to do file uploads, that I can do. It is about how to test them in Symfony2.


I'm convinced I'm doing it right. So I've created a test for the Framework and made a pull request. https://github.com/symfony/symfony/pull/1891


This was an error in the documentation.

Fixed here:

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\UploadedFile;

$photo = new UploadedFile('/path/to/photo.jpg', 'photo.jpg', 'image/jpeg', 123);
// or
$photo = array('tmp_name' => '/path/to/photo.jpg', 'name' => 'photo.jpg', 'type' => 'image/jpeg', 'size' => 123, 'error' => UPLOAD_ERR_OK);

$client = static::createClient();
$client->request('POST', '/submit', array('name' => 'Fabien'), array('photo' => $photo));

Documentation here


Here is a code which works with Symfony 2.3 (I didn't tried with another version):

I created an photo.jpg image file and put it in Acme\Bundle\Tests\uploads.

Here is an excerpt from Acme\Bundle\Tests\Controller\AcmeTest.php:

function testUpload()
    # Open the page

    # Select the file from the filesystem
    $image = new UploadedFile(
        # Path to the file to send
        # Name of the sent file
        # MIME type
        # Size of the file

    # Select the form (adapt it for your needs)
    $form = $crawler->filter('input[type=submit]...')->form();

    # Put the file in the upload field
    $form['... name of your field ....']->upload($image);

    # Send it
    $crawler = $this->client->submit($form);

    # Check that the file has been successfully sent
    #  (in my case the filename is displayed in a <a> link so I check
    #  that it appears on the page)
  • on the created UploadedFile object $file->isValid() fails. any idea why? – astroanu Dec 3 '15 at 6:55
  • @astroanu please add a new question to explain your problem. – A.L Dec 4 '15 at 17:30

I think that this question should be closed or mark as answered, I've follow this conversation: github.com/symfony/symfony/pull/1891 and it seems that was just a problem with documentation.


I found this article, https://coderwall.com/p/vp52ew/symfony2-unit-testing-uploaded-file, and works perfect.


  • this is a much better solution. Unit test where you can! – DevDonkey Mar 4 '17 at 11:30
  • 1
    Please include the code in your answer so your answer will be still valid if the page disappear. – A.L Mar 21 '17 at 20:13

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