up till now I've used Isolation xiDirtyRead , which worked pretty good . But unfortunately sometimes some items were deleted , the cause was that the Remote Rows sometimes had incorrect data .

I googled and it looks like the obvious solution is to simply set it to xiReadCommited . But I am starting to get confused about it .

According to this page : Committed Read Isolation it does not Lock and it is almost as fast as xiDirtyRead (or read Uncommitted ) . It also says it does not actually place locks which is perfect , since I CANNOT under any circumstance block anything to the database .

But just after the text it says

In the Committed Read isolation level, locks held by other sessions can cause SQL operations to fail if the current session cannot acquire a lock or if the database server detects a deadlock. (A deadlock occurs when two users hold locks, and each user wants to acquire a lock that the other user owns.) The LAST COMMITTED keyword option to the SET ISOLATION COMMITTED READ statement of SQL reduces the risk of locking conflicts.

I do not understand this for the life of me , sorry . What does this mean ?

Example : I open a table with 16.000 rows , I go trough this table row by row , by each move in the table the database checks if the current row is locked , if it is I get an exception ?

If yes fine , if it simply continues and returns 15980 rows committed ( and skips 20 locked/uncommitted ) bad .

If a deadlock occurs as stated above since I am only ReadingCommited that means that I am the one being killed of and NOT another process which actually has full read/write access .

Thank you.

  • I'd say you are right. 20 of the records were not available to you at the time you tried to read them because another process had locked them for update during that time. There is no workaround for this. Those records were truely unavailable to you and for your purposes they were not in a state where they could be read. 2 days ago
  • If the process you are running, requires access to all records, then it must run when all other processes are not. 2 days ago
  • 1
    but I do at least get some sorta exception from the database in this case? I am comparing two tables to remove items from local table. I wrote the software so that in case of any exception from database I immediately abort the delete operation since I cannot work with incomplete data. 2 days ago

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