I was wondering if one can configure quartz to execute a long processing job run only in one thread at any given time. In another words, say I have quartz configured with a SimpleThreadPool of size 5. And I have a job that fires every 10 seconds but that could take longer than 10 seconds to complete in certain situations. Is there a way to configure quartz trigger/job/scheduler so that this trigger won't fire again as it is already in a running state in another thread. When the trigger fires again, another thread from the pool will pick it up and have two instances of the same job run at the same time. Thanks for your input.

Clarification: (for the suggestions about using a threadpool of size 1). Requirement is to configure the threadpool with 5 threads and have any single job to execute only in a single thread at any given time, in other words an instance of a job should be executed by only one thread.

  • how about decreasing the pool size to 1? – fmucar Aug 3 '11 at 13:24

If you're using Quartz 1.x make the Job class implement StatefulJob. If you're using Quartz 2.x then add the @DisallowConcurrentExecution annotation to the job class.

  • What can we do if the job is a generic class? This should be defined in the job detail instead. – djmj Jun 14 at 16:04



There will be a single quartz worker thread at a time

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