I want to manipulate/compress the uploaded image and then save it on the S3 bucket. Here is what I have tried so far:

S3 = boto3.client("s3", aws_access_key_id=settings.ACCESS_KEY_ID,aws_secret_access_key=settings.SECRET_ACCESS_KEY)

image = Image.open(img) 
outputIoStream = BytesIO() 
temp_image = image.resize((1020, 573)) 
temp_image.save(outputIoStream, format='PNG', quality=60) 

img = InMemoryUploadedFile(outputIoStream, 'ImageField', " 
    {}.png".format(img.name.split('.')[0]), 'text/plain', sys.getsizeof(image), None) 

key = f"post/" + str(request.user.id) + "/" + str(img) 

S3.put_object(Bucket="my bucket", Body=img, Key=key)

I am getting the following error:

An error occurred (BadDigest) when calling the PutObject operation (reached max retries: 4): The Content-MD5 you specified did not match what we received.

What should I do to avoid such errors?

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