when i want to use @springBatchTest annotation without having a datasource in the project i get this error :

Error creating bean with name 'jobRepositoryTestUtils': Unsatisfied dependency expressed through method 'setDatasource' 

Is there a way to tell @SpringBatchTest Annotation to only create JobLauncherTestUtils and not the JobRepositoryTestUtils or another solution to this problem. Thanks in advance.


When using @SpringBatchTest, it is expected that the test context contains a bean of type DataSource. This is mentioned in the Javadoc of the annotation, here is an excerpt:

It should be noted that JobLauncherTestUtils requires a Job bean
and that JobRepositoryTestUtils requires a DataSource bean. Since
this annotation registers a JobLauncherTestUtils and a JobRepositoryTestUtils 
in the test context, it is expected that the test context contains
a single autowire candidate for a Job and a DataSource

If all you need is a JobLauncherTestUtils but not other test utilities, you can define a JobLauncherTestUtils bean manually in your test class, something like:

public JobLauncherTestUtils testUtils() {
    JobLauncherTestUtils jobLauncherTestUtils = new JobLauncherTestUtils();
    return jobLauncherTestUtils;

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