I have the following dataset in normal space, lets call it func:enter image description here I transformed it to fourierspace using the numpy fft algorithm from numpy.fft import fft as fourier, I received the fouriertransform usingfunc_fourier = np.fft.fftshift(fourier(func)) and plotted the absolute values plt.plot(np.abs(func_fourier)), what results in the following plot:enter image description here.

I now want to fit a gaussian model to this function in fourierspace. The problem is, that I dont have x-values(frequencies) that I could plot my func_fourier over. How do I create the correct frequency array in fourierspace, which I also need for fitting the gaussian model to my transformed function ?

  • how did you plot your func ? maybe a range 400-2000 is used ? then what is the sampling rate used ? see numpy.fft.fftfreq
    – AcaNg
    Sep 15 at 10:40
  • Did you search for the issue? What did you get?
    – Trilarion
    Sep 15 at 10:41

The default x-values are created as follows:

frequencies = list(range(len(y)))

Note: According to your explanation, your Fourier transformed values are stored in func_fourier, so the y is func_fourier.

  • you mean the default x-values in the plt.plot() function, that are created if you leave out the first argument, like plt.plot(y) ?
    – trynerror
    Sep 15 at 10:14
  • @trynerror I was out of the office, so I was unable to edit the comment. See the updated answer.
    – abysslover
    Sep 15 at 16:25

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