I'm trying to run a function in a task but I'm doing something wrong. Heres an example:

var t = Task<int>.Factory.StartNew(() => GenerateResult(2));

static int GenerateResult(int i)
return i; 

In the end Console.WriteLine(t); This returns:


I want i to be 2. What am I doing wrong here? :/


You are printing the task object that you created. For result, see .Result property:


  • Oh my god, how did I not see this! Thanks. – krtek Aug 2 '11 at 21:59

You need to use t.Result.

For example


Your code essentially looks like this:

Task<int> t = Task<int>.Factory.StartNew(() => GenerateResult(2));

And when you write Console.WriteLine(t); you are actually just printing the Task and not the integer. To be able to access the result you need to add .Result.

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