I think there was a function extract(quarter from date) in oracle sql to fetch the quarter for a given date. However the Oracle SQL 19c documentation here does not show the presence of quarter anymore.

I even tried running the code -

select extract(quarter from to_date('15/09/2021','DD/MM/YYYY')) as Q from dual;

The expected result is -

|  Q|
|  3|

Instead it gives an error

ORA-00907 missing right parenthesis

though it runs fine when quarter is replaced by month or year. What is the current way to fetch quarter given a date in Oracle SQL 19c?

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    I doubt that "quarter" ever was an option for extract. Even though in principle there is no reason not to have it, I believe extract is based strictly on the internal data format Oracle uses for dates. That format has separate bytes for year, month, day, etc. - but not for quarter, or for week, or other calendar units. Those are all calculated, and are not options to extract.
    – user5683823
    Sep 15, 2021 at 17:52

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I will use sysdate for illustration - you can replace that with any expression of date data type.

The query returns a string (of a single character, a digit between 1 and 4); if you need a number value, wrap it within to_number().

select to_char(sysdate, 'Q') as qtr from  dual;


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