I'm creating an RSS file- very simple, at that- that has only one interesting piece of data. It's for a dynamic LED display. The sign data provider (SMINFINITY) allows a custom RSS feed, where they take the data in a description tag and allow you to build a message using that dynamic data. So you set up the message, point it to the RSS feed, and then when the feed gets updated, the LED sign reflects the update with no intervention.

Took me a long while to figure this out, but the field I need to be dynamic (supplied in the RSS feed) is a numeric only. When I put a numeric only in the description, the sign software ignores it (actually it fails the validation check). Anything that also contains an alphabetic character works just fine. The xml file passes rss validation checks on other sites that specifically do RSS validation.

What I'm trying to find out is if this is an RSS thing or something in the sign company's software prohibiting this. If the former, then I guess I'll just abandon the project. If the latter, I can ask SMINFINTY if they could fix it.

Does anybody have any insights on this? Thanks.

  • As those validators confirm, there is no requirement in the RSS specs that an item's <description/> element needs to contain alphabetic characters. As a workaround, you may get a different result if you use HTML entities, but it's reasonable to ask the vendor to fix this.
    – Joe
    Oct 4 at 2:25

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