I receive the following error message:

raised exception class EContext3DException with message 'Cannot create EGL PBuffer Surface. Error code: 12297.'.

This error occurs when the form "quality" property is set to HighQuality. Among 10 smartphone models tested, one accused this error. How can I detect if the smartphone supports this feature?

I imagine it would be something like this:

Override InitializeNewForm

procedure Tform.InitializeNewForm

    if suported then //how to check??
      Quality := TCanvasQuality.HighQuality
      Quality := TCanvasQuality.SystemDefault;

  • The way you cater for any exception in Delphi is with a try...except...end construct. So if your code raises an exception, then you know that the try for high quality failed and you should use the other quality. Sep 18 at 19:47

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