I have used DebugActiveProcess to attach a process. After that I used WaitForDebugEvent, but it seems that the application is stuck in some infinite loop and I am not able to debug the attached process.

Below is my code:

    DebugActiveProcess( processID );
    int temp = 0;


    while (1)
        WaitForDebugEvent( &DBEvent, INFINITE );
        if ( DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EXIT_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT )
        if ( DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT )
            //MessageBox(0,"Debugging started!","Ble",0);
            temp = 1;
        else if ( DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT )
            if ( DBEvent.u.Exception.ExceptionRecord.ExceptionCode == EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT )
                ContinueDebugEvent( processID, qalsrvid, DBG_CONTINUE );
            ContinueDebugEvent( processID, qalsrvid, DBG_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED );

You are not calling ContinuteDebugEvent on CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT event.

If you have not read it yet, you should:

Writing Windows Debugger and Part 2

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