Trying to launch an Android Application previously made on 10.4.2 in the new delphi 11 but this error occurs. Some forums discuss about adb.exe if it can find the device, it can, the device is plugged in and is recognizable by the IDE.

Adding clarification: The app being tested is a default "helloworld" app: blank screen with a label in the center saying "hello world".

The pictures below show the configuration for SDK 30 but I already tried with the SDK 29 and SDK 28, no luck. Also tried NDK 17.2b from 10.3.3 Rio, NDK 20.1 from 10.4.2 and this time NDK 21.2 from Alexandria, but none of them works.

  • With the lower NDKs (17.2 and 20.1) the app installs, open but freezes on the splash screen and then android hangs it with TCP 64311 error.
  • With latest NDK v21 from Google, the app freezes on the splash screen, gives a method error with Android JNI class and hangs the debugger, then android hangs the app.
  • With v21.2 or v21.3 the app launches properly but throws a TCP 64311 error and hangs the debugger.
  • With NDK 22 it doesn't even configure properly.
  • With a mix of NDK 22 for all options except the ones from NDK_BASE/platforms/android-23 and NDK v21 for those, the app launches, but throws TCP 64311 error along with another signal 39 error.

Any ideas on what should I do?

SDK configuration:

SDK configuration

NDK configuration:

NDK configuration

JAVA OpenJDK configuration:

JAVA OpenJDK configuration

  • One possible reason is that your phone can't connect to the internet. Be sure to check your wifi/5G and make sure <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" /> is added to your AndroidManifest.xml
    – T.S
    Sep 23 at 7:11
  • I am trying to debug via USB cable, the internet shouldn't interfere in this case, but regardless it is properly connected to the internet and the error still occurs.
    – Mobius one
    Sep 24 at 15:23
  • Another option is that you're still using the old GCM for push notifications (i had the same error here), youll need to switch to the firebase implementation: blogs.embarcadero.com/…
    – T.S
    Sep 27 at 6:51
  • This should help better, just in case : docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/…
    – T.S
    Sep 27 at 8:09
  • I'm not using anything, its a "helloworld" app: blank screen with just a label saying "hello world".
    – Mobius one
    Sep 28 at 17:20

Found this solution, which actually works ;-) at a Delphi Czech Forum. Embarcadero installs a patched NDK with Delphi, so if you install one by your own, you need to use a patched "gdbserver" file (For instance with RAD Studio 11 "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\CatalogRepository\AndroidNDK-21-22.0.42600.6491\android-ndk-r21\prebuilt\android-arm\gdbserver"), here you my find two files, the original gdbserver file renamed to gdbserver.orig and a patched one named gdbserver. You need to copy this file where whenever you installed and pointed at Delphi the NDK inside the "prebuilt\android-arm\gdbserver" folder

  • Indeed that worked with original NDK 21.3 just pointing the gdbserver to embarcadero's one for the HELLO WORLD example, but for a project previously built in 10.4.2 to be ported to 11 it still doesn't work. But it is progress and thanks for your reply!
    – Mobius one
    Oct 14 at 18:47

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