VCL allows me to specify a PNG's Compression level (not referring to Quality level).

How do I specify the Compression level of a PNG in FireMonkey? Is there a way to save the PNG as 8-bit instead of 32-bit?

I'm using TBitmapCodecManager. I only need 8-bit because the colors are only black/white (with some anti-aliasing).

Note: I cannot use an external PNG library as this has to be integrated in my code.

  var oStream := TMemoryStream.Create;
  var Surface := TBitmapSurface.Create;
    BitmapCodecSaveParams.Quality := 100;  // PNG is 100% loss-less, how can we specify the Compression level?
    TBitmapCodecManager.SaveToStream(oStream, Surface, '.png', @BitmapCodecSaveParams);
  • The correct terms to look for would be color depth or at least channels. For PNG you'd either want a palette or grayscale in general. Also PNG cannot have a quality level, as it will always save without loss - that one choice is just for how fast/effective the picture is compressed.
    – AmigoJack
    Sep 19 at 8:55
  • @AmigoJack how do I specify a compression level for PNG just like in VCL? How do I specify color depth (i'm ok with using grayscale or minimal color depth). Sep 19 at 11:25
  • Show a minimal, complete, verifiable and reproducible example. With such example, we will be able to understand what you use, how far you have been in coding and it will be a good start to help you.
    – fpiette
    Sep 19 at 14:01
  • @fpiette updated with a minimal example - this is commonly used code to save png Sep 20 at 9:34

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