I'm developing a Flutter application and I'm sending event analytics using firebase_analytics package. I'm sending custom params with my analytics as the following:

My code:

final FirebaseAnalytics analytics = FirebaseAnalytics();

void onGroupCreate(String groupId, double totalInvites, bool isStatus) {
        name: "create_group",
        parameters: <String, dynamic>{
          'user_id': globals.user.userId,
          'group_id': groupId,
          'total_invites': totalInvites,
          'is_status': isStatus

I have added GA Custom definitions, based on my params. But I can only see String analytics (double and bool params aren't shown).

Does GA4 accept only String values? What am I doing wrong?

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According to the custom dimensions documentation, dimension's value type is Text while custom metrics are Integers.

Boolean parameters should be converted to Strings.

Integer parameters should be created over metrics and not dimensions.

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    Thank you so much for it! I was already desperate to make it working, but now will try tracking numeric value with Custom Metric. Will let you know after couple days of data aggregation whether it will work. I wish I've seen this in documentation. Thank you! Aug 20, 2022 at 18:12

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