I need help. Does anyone know why the data that I inserted into the table koh_trans_master did not save in the DB? I actually want to have a function where, when the button is clicked, the data is inserted into two different tables which are koh_table_f3a and koh_trans_master.

Here is the source code. I used two TADOConnections.

procedure TForm3.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  ADOQuery1.SQL.Clear ;
  ADOquery1.SQL.Add('Insert into koh_table_f3a');
  ADOquery1.SQL.Add('([factory],[date_preparation], [time_preparation], [lot_no], [tank_no])');
  ADOquery1.SQL.Add('Values (:factory,:date_preparation,:time_preparation, :lot_no, :tank_no)');

  ADOquery1.Parameters.ParamByName('factory').Value := fa.Text;
  ADOquery1.Parameters.ParamByName('date_preparation').Value := FormatDateTime('dd/mm/YYYY', DateTimePicker1.Date);
  ADOquery1.Parameters.ParamByName('time_preparation').Value := tm1.Text;
  ADOquery1.Parameters.ParamByName('lot_no').Value := lot.Text;
  ADOquery1.Parameters.ParamByName('tank_no').Value := ta.Text;

  ADOquery1.SQL.Text := 'Select * from  koh_table_f3a';
  showMessage('the record has been added into list');

  //insert data into koh_trans
    ADOQuery2.SQL.Clear ;
    ADOquery2.SQL.Add('Insert into koh_trans_master');
    ADOquery2.SQL.Add('Values (:factory, date_preparation)');

    ADOquery2.Parameters.ParamByName('factory').Value := fa.Text;
    ADOquery2.Parameters.ParamByName('date_preparation').Value := FormatDateTime('dd/mm/YYYY', DateTimePicker1.Date);

    ADOquery2.SQL.Text := 'Select * from  koh_trans_master';
    showMessage('the record has been added into list');
  • You've not explained what problem you're having with the code you've posted. Is there a specific question here?
    – Ken White
    Sep 20 at 2:42
  • Oh. Sorry. I have some problems inserting data into koh_trans master table. The data only appear in koh_table_f3a. Is that any approach or ways to ensure the data are inserted into both table?
    – Nur Atikah
    Sep 20 at 2:47
  • Then edit your question and explain the problem there, where people can see it.
    – Ken White
    Sep 20 at 2:48
  • Also, your calls to ADOQuery.Refresh right after ADOQuery.Open are useless. You don't need to refresh a query you just opened.
    – Ken White
    Sep 20 at 2:54
  • Have a look at the WET principle.
    – AmigoJack
    Sep 20 at 6:39

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