When using a TSearchBox control in Delphi, I catch pressing the ENTER key (13) to run a certain function. Simply by:

If key = 13 then DoSomeThing;

After updating to Delphi 11, this doesn't work anymore. I can catch any character but not 13.

Any ideas?

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    Are you using VCL or FMX? Sep 21 at 20:46
  • I am using VCL.
    – JGMS
    Sep 22 at 21:03

This is intentional! Before Delphi 11, TSearchBox meant to handle VK_RETURN in its KeyPress() method, but failed to do so because it didn't even get that key. In Delphi 11, this has been fixed by having TSearchBox handle CM_WANTSPECIALKEY.

The corresponding QP report is RSP-30203: TSearchBox must implement CM_WANTSPECIALKEY

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    Which means you should now be able to use the TSearchBox.OnInvokeSearch event when ENTER is pressed, as originally documented: "If SearchIndicator is sbiText, OnInvokeSearch also occurs when the Enter key is pressed." Sep 21 at 22:54
  • Thank you @Uwe, that was very helpful. I have modified my code by removing the handling of "pressing the Enter key" from the OnKeyUp to the OnKeyPressed event. This event catches the Enter key, like OnKeyUp did before. May thanks, and to Remy of course. By the way, I did not understand what to do with CM_WANTSPECIALKEY.
    – JGMS
    Sep 22 at 17:13
  • @JGMS There is nothing you have to do with CM_WANTSPECIALKEY. TSearchBox handles CM_WANTSPECIALKEY internally in order to receive ENTER presses. Sep 22 at 21:23

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