I have a table notifications where I have a field notification which has value:

<?php echo '.$user['name'][0].' ?>, you are <?php echo popularity(); ?>% popular today.

The output is: , you are % popular today.

It is ignoring the PHP here. I don't understand why.

Expected output is Shubham, you are 35% popular today.

Under network in inspect element the response tab with raw data shows this:

<div class="notiText">
  <?php echo $user['name'][0]; ?> you are <?php echo popularity(); ?>% popular today.

What's the issue here? Why does the script does not load PHP tags from the database?


I have tried using eval() from here Reading php code from database. However, I have to do that into the database and not in code. The new output has this eval(), you are eval()% popular today.. Still not reading.

Note: I cannot use eval() into the coding. This has to be dynamic and from database. Therefore, anyone who is thinking of suggesting eval() I need an alternative or a workaround to the situation with eval() and database.


Here is the sample code:


$stmt = $pdo->prepare("SELECT notification FROM notifications");
$stmt-> execute();

$html = "<div class='notifications'>";
while($f = $stmt->fetch()){
  $html .= '<a href="'.$link.'">'.$f['notification'].'</a>';
$html .= "</div>";
echo $html;


$(".notificationsBell").on("click", function(e){
    type: "POST",
    url: "processes/notifications.php",
    data: "all",
    success: function(data){


<div class="loadNotifications"></div>


Okay so the following code is giving me the proper output.

$str = ''.$user['name'][0].', you are '.popularity().'% popular today.';

eval("\$str = \"$str\";");
echo $str;

Output: Shubham Jha, you are 100% popular today.

Now, how do I insert that string (the value of $str) into the database? In the table field what should be the format so that it gets recognized and echoed correctly. I tried this but doesn't work.

'.$user['name'][0].', you are '.popularity().'% popular today. 

Returns this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected string content "", expecting "-" or identifier or variable or number in E:\xampp\htdocs\newchat\processes\notifications.php(65) : eval()'d code on line 1
  • You should show the php code generating the above code. However, you need to be mindful that whatever you retrieve from a database will be data and not code.
    – Shadow
    Sep 22, 2021 at 15:23
  • Therefore, if the data within the database is a php code, then it must be run through the eval() function to execute it, there is no way around this limitation. I frankly do not understand why you cannot use eval() (well, why you need to store php code in the database in the first place...). Pls provide more context!
    – Shadow
    Sep 22, 2021 at 15:31
  • @Shadow I have updated the question. I have provided everything necessary from PHP code to AJAX to HTML. Please have a look. Sep 22, 2021 at 15:47
  • What and where is echo popularity();?? and how exactly are you echoing it?! you can echo a variable, the function returns values or print within the function and just call it without echo.
    – Shlomtzion
    Sep 22, 2021 at 16:01
  • you should $something = popularity(); and then echo $something; also is something a string? if returned data is not a string you cannot echo it... print_r($something);
    – Shlomtzion
    Sep 22, 2021 at 16:07

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Try this:

while($f = $stmt->fetch()){
  $name = $user['name'][0];
  $popularity = popularity();

  $notiText = $f['notification'];
  eval("\$notiText = \"$notiText\";");

  $html .= '<a href="'.$link.'">'.$notiText.'</a>';

In the database use these simple variable names and avoid using quotes.

$name, you are $popularity% popular today.


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