I am using linux manjaro and i got this error while installing spotify. enter image description here

Tried - sudo snap remove spotify but it's says that spotify is not istalled.

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Run snap changes in console to watch if task is still Doing. In my case I see this:

ID   Status  Spawn               Ready               Summary
1    Done    2020-12-22          2020-12-22          Initialize system state
2    Error   today at 00:50 CET  today at 01:01 CET  Install "intellij-idea-community" snap
3    Done    today at 00:50 CET  today at 00:50 CET  Initialize device
4    Doing   today at 09:43 CET  -                   Install "intellij-idea-community" snap

If I use snap watch 4 I can see the progress of the task in real time.

So the task I cancelled manually because it was late has been resumed automatically, I only have to wait.


Wait for a few minutes. Then run sudo snap remove spotify to remove spotify snap from your machine. Then again you can run sudo snap install spotify to install the spotify snap in your machine. Thanks.

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