I am having this error "translation-not-found[landing.title]" displaying on the title bar of some of the pages in a jhipster application. I checked on stackoverflow for similar issues and I found a solution Jhipster 6 translation not found issue "npm i -g generator-jhipster@" which i have tried, but the error still persists. .

This is what my landing route looks like


     export const LANDING: Route = {
     path: 'landing',
     component: LandingComponent,
     data: {
       authorities: [],
     pageTitle: 'landing.title'
     canActivate: [UserRouteAccessService]

And please, my superiors have no intention of upgrading the jhipster version. Thank you for your support. enter image description here

In the global.json

        "title": "Egisexternal",
         "menu": {
       "landing": "Transactions",
       "overview": "Overview",
       "applicants": "Applicants",


    "applicationlanding": {
    "title": "Application Landing",
  • OK, so did you provide landing.title property in json translation files? Sep 24 at 14:35
  • thank you for your response. I have asked some devs around me but no one seems to have the right answer to tell me how to identify | locate the json translation files. Can you pls tell me
    – Joca
    Sep 25 at 4:35
  • Normally, it should be in src/main/webapp/i18n/en/landing.json but it could be also in src/main/webapp/i18n/en/global.json or anywhere if you modified generated code a lot. The i:mportant thing is more the property path (the json structure) rather than the file location Sep 25 at 8:18
  • I made some edits to the question. I noticed some effects when changing the names on the title bar on other ones without issues, but when changing the names of the ones with issues, they don't reflect
    – Joca
    Sep 25 at 10:38
  • 1
    Then why using translations? Just remove the pageTitle from your route and hard code the title in your template. Sep 25 at 18:22

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