I have a problem with a VideoGrabber component, I'm recording the screen until everything is fine, but the final file is desynced with the video from the audio even by enabling the AudioSyncAdjustmentEnabled and putting several values in the AudioSyncAdjustment, I see that it doesn't make any difference enabling them, I'm using Delphi Rio and Windows 10


procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  VideoGrabber1.SyncPreview := sp_Auto ;
  VideoGrabber1.AudioRecording :=true;
  VideoGrabber1.AudioSyncAdjustment := StrToInt(edtAudioSyncAdjust.Text);
  chkAudioSyncAdjust.Checked := VideoGrabber1.AudioSyncAdjustmentEnabled;
  VideoGrabber1.VideoSource := vs_ScreenRecording;
  VideoGrabber1.RecordingMethod := rm_ASF  ;
  VideoGrabber1.ASFProfileVersion := apv_ProfileVersion_9;
  VideoGrabber1.ASFVideoBitRate := 2000000;

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