Using the latest version of CodeSnap works properly on VSCode on Windows. It attempts to save the snapshot of a desired piece of code when I click on its symbol (1).

enter image description here

However, I'm not able to copy it to the clipboard directly as the docs suggest through (2). Instead, it copies the code.

If you'd like to copy to clipboard instead of saving, click the image and press the copy keyboard shortcut (defaults are Ctrl+C on Windows and Linux, Cmd+C on OS X)

I also tried to follow the recommendation that follows without success:

... or bind codesnap.shutterAction to copy in your settings

But I wasn't able to configure it properly, because I couldn't find such setting. Is there any way to copy the snapshot without saving it before?

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    codesnap.shutterAction is a setting that has a string value and can only be: save or copy, in the Settings GUI go to the Codelens extension and change the setting
    – rioV8
    Sep 25 at 2:32
  • Life saver. I always find it difficult to remember this long path: File > Preferences > Settings > search for extension > search for specific configuration. I wonder if there wasn't a way to shorten it. Thank you again!
    – testing_22
    Sep 25 at 2:58
  • 1
    Ctrl+, and type part of the extension name or setting
    – rioV8
    Sep 25 at 5:00

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