I am using an implementation of nvidia tacotron2/waveglow, and the creation of the tacotron2 model uses a tensorflow hyperparameter function not included in newer versions of tensorflow. Also a lot of the imports in the basic script are only used to create the model. Using torch.save() has reduced the loading time by nearly %60. But it still expects to find that annoying tensorflow helper.

I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out a way to save the model as it exists just before it is run. I read a comment suggesting to use torch.jit.trace(). But I have no idea how it’s supposed to be used, or even if this is the right use case for it.

My current script is basically:

import numpy as np
import torch
import sys
import json
import pickle
from glow import WaveGlow
from model import Tacotron2
from layers import TacotronSTFT
from audio_processing import griffin_lim
from text import text_to_sequence
from hparams import create_hparams

models = torch.load('./models/multi_model.pt', map_location=torch.device('cuda'))
model = models['tacotron2']
waveglow = models['waveglow']
print('Models loaded')
# initialize Tacotron2 with the pretrained model
#hparams = create_hparams()
#model = Tacotron2(hparams)

_ = model.cuda().eval().half()

# initialize Waveglow with the pretrained model

#waveglow_config = json.load(open('./config.json'))['waveglow_config']
#waveglow = WaveGlow(**waveglow_config)
_ = waveglow.cuda().eval().half()
for k in waveglow.convinv:

#torch.save({'tacotron2':model, 'waveglow':waveglow}, './models/multi_model.pt')

TEXT = 'This is a test.'

sequence = np.array(text_to_sequence(TEXT, ['english_cleaners']))[None, :]
sequence = torch.autograd.Variable(torch.from_numpy(sequence)).long()
sequence = sequence.cuda()

mel_outputs, mel_outputs_postnet, _, alignments = model.inference(sequence)
audio = waveglow.infer(mel_outputs_postnet, sigma=0.666)

Any help or resources I could be pointed towards would be really appreciated! Thanks!

  • Which line gives you an error? What is that error? Can you remove all code that's not relevant? Can you remove all text that's not relevant? (torch.save improved speed? I thought you said it didn't work?
    – bobcat
    Sep 25 at 15:06

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