Hi I have a base with p=40 and n=11750, I want to build a model with Ridge classifier (because the objective is predictive if one person is going to be defaulter=0 o not defaulter=1) that select the 10 most representative features in a 10-fold Cross Validation and then calculate de accuracy of the model. For this i'm using this code:

rgc=RidgeClassifier(alpha=1.0000000000000006e-10) #This alpha appears with the function GridSearchCV with 10-Fold
y_pred_rgc = rgc.predict(X_uo_test)
rgc_confusion_matrix = confusion_matrix(y_uo_test, y_pred_rgc) #This is for know the TP,TN,FP and FN

cv=StratifiedKFold(n_splits=10, shuffle=True, random_state=1)
acc_rgc=round(cross_val_score(rgc, X_uo, y_uo, scoring='accuracy', cv=cv,n_jobs=-1).mean(),3)

print('Stratified Cross validation Accuracy form Ridge model: ', acc_rgc)

So, I have two problems with this code. First, I want to select 10 variables with the criteria of Ridge in a 10-Fold cross validation and then calculate the accuracy of the model. Second, I want to see and show in the result of the code which variables the algorithm choose in each fold.

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