I used ttk.Combobox to make a dropdown menu so that the user can select their sex ("sesso" in italian), and this is the code that i used:

sessi = ["M", "F"]

sesso_menu = ttk.Combobox(value=sessi, font=("Calibri", 16), state="readonly")
sesso_menu.place(x=4, y=4, height=32, width=52)

It looks like this but now want to change the font of the two variables inside the window that pops up to make them bigger, how do i do this?

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You can use .option_add() to set the font but it applies to all Combobox:

import tkinter as tk

root = tk.Tk()
root.option_add("*TCombobox*Listbox.font", "Calibri 16")


Or you can get the Popdown Window of sesso_menu via TCL command and configure the font of the listbox inside the Popdown Window:

popdown = root.tk.call("ttk::combobox::PopdownWindow", sesso_menu)
root.tk.call(f"{popdown}.f.l", "configure", "-font", "Calibri 16")
  • root.option_add("TComboboxFont", "Calibri 16") will also work.
    – Doc
    Apr 6 at 13:43
  • Also self.option_add("*TCombobox*Listbox.font", custom_font) works, where custom_font is declared = font(family, size) and self is a subclass of tk.Frame. Jun 11 at 14:45

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