What would be the easiest way to implement a 2FA system to my application that can be connected to an app on my phone like google authenticator? I've seen numerous github repositories but when I look at their code they use functions that were added in later versions of the language. If anyone can help it would really mean alot

  • See this related question, it may give you some starter help: stackoverflow.com/questions/5087005/…
    – mjn
    Sep 26 at 15:05
  • 1
    github.com/wendelb/DelphiOTP looks like it does what you want and as far as I can see it should work with Delphi 2010. Since that was the first entry when I googled for "OTP Delphi", I think you should already have seen this. If so, what is the problem?
    – dummzeuch
    Sep 26 at 17:51