I want to customize a simple text file with Delphi IDE. The view in Delphi Sydney takes getting used to. enter image description here

How can I convince the IDE to show me the text? Switching from Binary (Binär) to Ansi is unsuccessful.


Your text file is clearly in UTF-16 LE without BOM.

Apparently, RAD Studio doesn't recognise this as a text file.


  1. The best solution is to not use UTF-16 at all -- that's a strange encoding. Use UTF-8 instead.

  2. Alternatively, it seems like RAD Studio does recognise the file's encoding if you add the UTF-16 LE BOM.

  • The IDE relies on a BOM for non-ANSI encoded files. Otherwise you have to select the correct encoding manually. That is probably the same with UTF-8.
    – Uwe Raabe
    Sep 27 at 8:01
  • @UweRaabe: Just tried a UTF-8 sans BOM, and it opened correctly in RAD Studio. Sep 27 at 8:03
  • Indeed! There seems to be some UTF-8 detection at work.
    – Uwe Raabe
    Sep 27 at 8:24
  • I'd have expected the IDE to call IsTextUnicode notwithstanding the fact that such a function cannot be implemented such that it is 100% accurate in its diagnoses. Sep 27 at 10:54
  • You cannot correct it manually either. If you have to correct this e.g. via notpad++, then you can also continue to work with notpad++.
    – USauter
    Sep 27 at 11:21

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