I am developing a SMS receiver, which will do real time SMS receiving using Elixir. I have to get the contents of the SMS messages and store it into a MySQL database and display the SMS content on a web application. There I am able to receive English or Unicode messages. But I am unable to make it into text/ emoji when I receive Unicode ( UCS2 encoded ) messages. So I need to know how to make into a readable format, when I receive Unicode or emojis via SMS. I have attached a screen shot of SMSC deliver_sm packet capture for Unicode messages. Please support me to fix this issue? Thanks.

Current output of Unicode SMS ( Sample ) : �\r�\r�\r�\r�\u0000 \r�\r�\r�\r�\r�\u0000 \r�\r�

enter image description here

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    What is it the question? You get the data in UCS2, which you can interpret as UTF-16. Sep 27 at 9:59
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    We need a little bit more info here. Particularly: How does the data look in your Erlang code? Is it a binary, a string, something else? And what does it mean "make into a readable format" for you? Print it out in the console? Saving it as text in a database? Sep 27 at 10:15
  • Thanks for commenting, I need to get the content of the SMS message and store that into a MySQL database. Also, I need to display the content on a web page. SMS will receive with Unicode, English and Emojis. Currently I have implemented this process for English language. But I am unable to read the content of Unicode / Emoji SMS messages.
    – Ishan
    Sep 27 at 11:52
  • So, when you say "SMS will receive with Unicode…", what do you mean in Erlang terms? Will that be a string, a binary, or an iolist? Sep 27 at 12:42
  • Have you checked this documentation? erlang.org/doc/apps/stdlib/unicode_usage.html Sep 27 at 12:43

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