I want to extract a rarfile using python rarfile lib. this is my code

 import rarfile as rar
    def Extractor(extract_to_folder, file, base_file_path):  
        rar_ = rar.RarFile(base_file_path)
        rar_.extract(rar_, extract_to_folder)

Extractor('F:\MyFiles\myExFolder', 'howToAccess.txt', 'F:\MyFiles\River.rar')

after executing the script, the following error is raised:

raise RarCannotExec("Cannot find working tool")
rarfile.RarCannotExec: Cannot find working tool


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If you have WinRar installed in your machine. configure the path of winrar in the system environment variable , and then restart your editor.

Hope, problem will be fixed.


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    this worked for me on Windows 11, after adding WinRar to the PATH and re-starting PyCharm. Thanks!
    – vefthym
    Commented Aug 1, 2022 at 11:30

So most likely you are missing the tool that extracts files out of your RAR file. Assuming you are using Ubuntu, run one of the following commands to solve your issue:

sudo apt install bsdtar


sudo apt install unrar

worked on windows 7, only do same above: add variable environment , and RESTART ,enter image description here

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