I am wondering why in reactive forms of Angular, input tags with an attribute type='number' have null as value when they are empty even though in native HTML5 we do never see them have null as value.

Input tag in an Angular reactive form looks below.

<mat-form-field appearance="outline">
   <input matInput formControlName="min" type="number" />

Function that defines the FormGroup looks below.

function createFromGroup() {
  return new FormGroup({
    min: new FormControl('', /* custom validator */),

In the custom validator, to catch the case when the input is empty I had to find out it is null.

const customValidator = (): ValidatorFn => {
  return (control: AbstractControl): ValidationErrors | null => {
    if (control.value === null /*here*/ || control.value === '') return null; // pass validation as exception


Most probably it's from the matInput directive.

Specifically this line that determines the placeholder:

const placeholder = this._formField?._hideControlPlaceholder?.() ? null : this.placeholder;
  • Thank you for looking into it. But when I try it with native html input tag, it still shows null. Sep 30 '21 at 0:59

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