I'm trying to animate my View to a specified size.

I have a LinearLayout that is divided into a grid of 3 rows and 3 columns. So I have 9 LinearLayouts as squares. I am trying to scale the square to a specified size i.e. the size of the outer parent view. I need my subview to scale and fill the parent view.

From what I read in the Android ScaleAnimation docs, we have to specify a scale factor like 1.0.

Is there a way to animate by specifying the bounds of the parent view or is calculating a scale factor the only way?

BTW I'm using Android 2.1 SDK.


Things have changed a lot since 2011. If you're still reading this, update to min SDK to 15 (IceCreamSandwich) and you can do this either by using ViewPropertyAnimators, or using constraint animations, if you include ConstraintLayout.

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