I'am working with intel T265 camera and with this python example, description : This example shows how to use T265 intrinsics and extrinsics in OpenCV to asynchronously compute depth maps from T265 fisheye images on the host.

So it's works nicely, but now my objective is to compute for example the distance between the center of the image and the first object, and here I don't know how to achieve it, I've searched and found reprojectImageTo3D function can achieve it... Here is an example of the output image

enter image description here

So for example in this image I'd like to know the distance for example at the center of the image and the first object for example: object detect at 50cm.

I'am beginner with OpenCV, so first, is it possible to do that , compute distance at the center of depth map? Any document or tuto would be very appreciate

EDIT: I've done some researches, so if I understand well to compute the depth of a pixel I have to do

Depth = (focal length * distance between cameras) / (disparity value)

I have a disparity map here

# compute the disparity on the center of the frames and convert it to a pixel disparity (divide by DISP_SCALE=16)
disparity = stereo.compute(center_undistorted["left"],center_undistorted["right"]).astye(np.float32) / 16.0

 # re-crop just the valid part of the disparity
 disparity = disparity[:,max_disp:]

But now I don't know how for example acces to the disparity value of pixel at position 150,150 for example...


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