I'm configuring Neovim 0.5 using Lua. I set the tab size to 4 in init.lua, and it works. But in C++ files, the tab size is 8, and I have to execute :set shiftwidth=4, :set tabstop=4 and :set expandtab manually. Here are the config files :


require "plugins"
require "theme"

local g = vim.g
local wo = vim.wo
local bo = vim.bo

local TAB_WIDTH = 4
bo.tabstop = TAB_WIDTH
bo.shiftwidth = TAB_WIDTH
bo.expandtab = true

wo.cursorline = true
wo.nu = true
wo.rnu = true


require "paq" {



vim.g.ayu_mirage = true

vim.cmd("colo ayu")

Maybe a plugin that overrides config for C++ files ?

  • Classical Vim script works. Actually, the problem doesn't occur specifically in C++ file. When I run nvim with a file as first arg, it works, but when I open in nvim using :e file or :tabe file, the problem occurs. When I delete all the config, except the 4 lines for tab width, it still doesn't work.
    – yoanndw
    Commented Sep 29, 2021 at 12:11

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of course its not working

bo.tabstop = TAB_WIDTH
bo.shiftwidth = TAB_WIDTH
bo.expandtab = true

bo is a buffer specific vim variable.

when you call the above code from init.lua vim doesnt know to which buffer to apply these settings, because you dont mention what buffer you want the settings to apply to.

wait ... and second (which is most important)

  • expandtab
  • shiftwidth
  • tabstop

are not buffer or window options, they are from vim.opt

here is my init.lua config (and its working)

local set = vim.opt -- set options
set.tabstop = 4
set.softtabstop = 4
set.shiftwidth = 4
  • this should be the selected answer Commented Jul 20, 2022 at 18:28

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