I am trying to setup an authentication mechanism based on the new OIOSAML3.0. Using your https://github.com/ITfoxtec/ITfoxtec.Identity.Saml2/tree/master/test/TestWebAppCoreNemLogin3Sp works fine for me.

However, having moved the various startup calls over into my own code I get a HTTP 404 on the redirects to '/idp/saml/3.0/?...'

The same thing happends when I take your example, but change over to my own organisation metadata.

I thought these endpoints would be setup by the call to AddSaml2() and UseSaml2() in Startup.cs but that does not seem to be the case.

Can you lend any insight into where and how these endspoints are added to the project?

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The IdP endpoint is read from the NemLog-in metadata. I the sample the NemLog-in metadata is in the TestWebAppCoreNemLogin3Sp-metadata.xml file.

The NemLog-in metadata is read in Startup.cs line 39. And the endpoints is read in line 43 and 44.

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