I made input component and render component in formly.

This is simple thing: the app component is render the render-component and render-component is render the input component.

But the input component is not rendered. why how make it works?

I followed according to formly repeat example.


  selector: "formly-input",
  template: ` <input /> `
export class InputTypeComponent extends FieldType {}

Render component:

  selector: "formly-render",
  template: `
    this should be render:
    <formly-field [field]="{ type: 'input' }"></formly-field>
export class RenderTypeComponent extends FieldType {}

Both register in the root component:

      types: [
        { name: "input", component: InputTypeComponent },
        { name: "formly-render", component: RenderTypeComponent }


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