I purchased an angular template from Themeforest and I want to integrate it into my Jhipster application. How to integrate the javascript and CSS into Jhipster applications?

  • It depends on whether it's based on Bootstrap or not. Oct 1 at 16:19
  • This is the template I purchased themeforest.net/item/smarthr-bootstrap-admin-panel-template/…
    – elms1985
    Oct 4 at 1:51
  • It's compatible with Bootstrap 4 so it should be fine with JHipster. The link you provided does not show any documentation, so I suppose you must use angular cli to add it as a dependency like any other dependency and/or follow example in your project's README.md Oct 4 at 10:50
  • Please provide enough code so others can better understand or reproduce the problem.
    – Community Bot
    Oct 8 at 7:45

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